Who is the hardest working person in your school?

It may not be who you think it is. One school I worked at, there was one teacher that I always saw briskly walking the hallway. She was a quiet worker bee. You never saw her stop to shoot the breeze and never ever did you see her openly gossip about anyone.

This teacher was our EC teacher. She had a much higher caseload than was the norm.  The majority of the time she stayed in her classroom, no one really knew she “existed”.  But genuinely, she was a helper. Any time a regular ed teacher needed help with an exceptional child this particular teacher was all business. She knew the law, she knew each child’s IEP and she knew each child on her caseload.

Most often, teachers like these are overlooked for words of encouragement or  accolades from the principal. Do not patronize these teachers and say things like “I don’t come by your classroom because I know you are doing your job” or “I know you know what you’re doing”. ALL teachers need their principal to be vested in them as professionals.

Make time for the hardest workers. Do what you can to help ease their load. Otherwise they will start to look for greener pastures.