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This online workshop is great for any teacher grades K-12 AND College!!

You do not want to miss this one! In this self-paced online workshop, participants will learn how to engage students in strategies for building vocabulary. Strategies in this module include a whole lot of movement and a whole lot of fun! Participants will learn how to get students engaged by scaffolding vocabulary activities they can quickly take back to the classroom with low to no prep!

Be ready to get your students up and moving as you get at least seven new strategies to take back to your classroom!
Learn how to facilitate multiple exposures to vocabulary all throughout a unit of study.
Learn about the three Tiers of Vocabulary!

In this online workshop (which we also offer face to face) you will get the research behind ten activities we share with you that are low to no prep. You will be able to immediately embed in your teaching practice. 

This is not just for ELA teachers, but teachers across domains.

“A more general way to help students develop vocabulary is by fostering word consciousness, an awareness of and interest in words. Word consciousness is not an isolated component of vocabulary instruction; it needs to be taken into account each and every day (Scott and Nagy, 2004). It can be developed at all times and in several ways: through encouraging adept diction, through word play, and through research on word origins or histories. According to Graves (2000), “If we can get students interested in playing with words and language, then we are at least halfway to the goal of creating the sort of word-conscious students who will make words a lifetime interest.” ”~ Reading Rockets

This is a 3 hour course equivalent to 0.3 CEUs. All CEUs must be approved by participants’ LEA.

Participants MUST register to attend! Thanks!

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